Oden’s proprietary Oden MICRODOSE® filling valve (patent pending) is designed to deliver highly accurate doses ranging from less than 100 mg. to many hundreds of grams.

The Oden MICRODOSE® valve body is constructed of 316 stainless steel. The flow control element is a robust Teflon actuator-poppet. Two O-rings are utilized for sealing the poppet and can be supplied in all known elastomers including Kalrez.


In operation, the MICRODOSE® nozzle allows poppet movement of only 20 to 40 one thousandths of an inch from full open to full close. The actual travel distance is dependent upon the valve size. Movement is constrained to a “hard stop” geometry for full close and full open positions. This insures a very high degree of dose repeatability and a very high degree of dose set point stability.

Because of the constrained valve motion, this valve offers superior point of dispense shut-off characteristics, entirely free of spit, splatter, drip or piston displacement effects.


The MICRODOSE® valve utilizes double O-ring sanitary fittings and is designed for sanitary/sterile operations. It is robust in design, free of small parts and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 30 seconds.

Have you been looking for a nozzle with positive shut-off, quick job change capabilities, easy cleaning, and the versatility to handle a wide range of products? Oden's GEN2 Positive Shut-Off Nozzle (PSN) System may be just the answer.


The GEN2 PSN is an air activated sanitary nozzle designed for quick assembly and disassembly. All fluid contact parts are 316L stainless steel and there are no threads in the fluid contact pathway.

The GEN2 PSN system has an O-ring sealed circumferential bottom shut-off. This technique improves laminar collimation across a broader flow range and provides leak free shut-off without a high force face to face seal surface.

The PSN system is encoded so that the full open position is sensed at the nozzle. This simple idea ensures that flow starts in a highly repeatable manner from fill to fill, thus providing superior accuracy.


The GEN2 PSN nozzle system has a simple, easy to understand double O-ring top seal. Rings are directly accessible because our unique containment geometry eliminates blind O-ring grooves. There is no need to worry about putting an O-ring in backward because it cannot be done! Standard size O-rings are used so that replacements are inexpensive, readily available, and can accommodate almost any product chemistry.


The GEN2 nozzle system's tee top seal acts as an integral displacement plug, so the tee top seal cannot be "left out". This design ensures superior, trouble free accuracy because the nozzle cannot trap an air slug.

The GEN2 nozzle system uses a hollow rod air cylinder actuator. This means that the wetted operator rod requires no joints or connection to link it to the air cylinder, making the nozzle simpler, easier to clean and much more rugged.

The same GEN2 PSN can operate as an inward or outward opening unit. By simply reversing the operator air lines and repositioning the nozzle plug rod, the unit can be converted in seconds, with no change parts! This means enormous versatility across a remarkably broad range of fluids.

This PSN nozzle system allows simple interchange of fill tube sizes with the same nozzle body. The cost of size changes is therefore limited to one inexpensive part of the nozzle.

The system comes with hollow operator rods. This allows every nozzle to be operated with Oden's vacuum aspiration system to allow subsurface filling of water-like products with absolutely no-drip performance.

The GEN2 PSN is designed for fast cleaning. CIP capability is enhanced by simple crevice and recess free design. Where tear down for cleaning is desired, it is completely tool free.

The GEN2 PSN nozzle system is really a complete system. Available in one homologated design across a vast range of sizes. it can be provided in virtually any alloy including 316L (standard), Hastelloy C, Carpenter 20 and Titanium.

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