About Oden


We Give Our Customers the Power of Our Technology

Who we are...

A technology pioneer in the field of liquid filling and blending since 1980.

A custom engineering house that solves problems for customers.

A trusted and valued technology resource for customers.

A company that continues to raise the bar in terms of technology.

Who our customers are...

"Fortune 1000" companies. companies, worldwide, in the pharmaceutical and personal care products industries, in the chemical processing and food processing industries, and in the household, general industrial, and oil products industries.

Companies who understand the need for the highest quality machinery and service.

What we do...

Pioneer a constant stream of "cutting-edge" innovations that include

The first "rotary pump + servo" liquid filling methodology, in 1980.

The first "Coriolis mass meter based" net weight liquid filler "family", in 1996.

Manufacture liquid filling and blending systems that are the "Mercedes Benz" of the industry.

NET/MASS® and MEGA/FILL Coriolis mass flow meter based net weight liquid filling systems.

PRO/FILL®, SERVO/FILL and PRO/MATIC® volumetric rotary motion positive displacement liquid filling systems.

GRAV/TRONIC® volumetric gravity liquid filling systems.

MASS/BLEND® continuous stream digital blending systems.

Crandall International by Oden (CI BY ODEN®) scale based liquid filling systems and closing machines for pails and cans.

MICRO/DOSE® late addition dosing systems.

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