What Machines Are Used in the Health & Beauty Industry?

May 18th 2021

The health and beauty industry is ever-expanding, and new products are entering the market practically every day. People tend to forget that all those lotions, ointments, and various other items related to skincare that aren’t made in enormous factories also need to be packaged.

That’s where Oden Machinery steps in, providing specialized machines that are perfectly suited for filling your beauty products packaging with their valuable contents. Oden Machinery offers a wide array of options, different fillers meant for different kinds of products, and we’ll be expanding on that below.

Pressure Fillers

As suggested in the name, pressure fillers are designed and suitable to fill any sort of glass or plastic packaging or bottle with the liquid of your choice using, well, pressure. They are generally used a lot in the beverage industry because filling bottles of carbonated drinks through a pressure filler keeps the carbonation high.

However, they have also found themselves put to good use in the manufacturing lines of many beauty and health products because of their efficiency and simplicity. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small ones that microbreweries could use to industrial ones.

They are an excellent option for any liquid and can be used even for denser liquids of mid-viscosity if adequately calibrated.

Pump Fillers

Pump fillers are the most versatile of the bunch, as depending on what kind of liquid they will be filling, they have different specialized valves and fittings meant for that viscosity. They are amazingly flexible, and with a little adjustment, you could use them for any product you’d like, including balms or ointments.

The actual type of pump can also vary, depending on what you need, and it could be an including rotor, lobe, or gear pumps. If you want to read up on the specifications and determine what you need, you can head on over to Oden Machinery and look at their offering of different pump-based filling machines.

Gravity Fillers

A gravity filler is the simplest of designs you could think of, but sometimes simply gets the job done, and gravity fillers certainly do that. The basic principle is: your liquid is in a container, and below it is a conveyor belt that brings empty packaging under it.

When the bottle, or whatever else, is below the container, a signal is sent for a valve to be opened and fill the packaging of your choice with the amount of liquid necessary.

The liquid moves through the sheer power of gravity, and that’s why gravity fillers are best suited for products that aren’t very viscous in nature, as less thick liquids will flow faster and more naturally. However, they can be used for thicker liquids as well, the process will just be slowed down, but it’ll still work.

And More

Oden Machinery offers even more types of machinery that can be used in the health and beauty industry, like for instance:

●Molten and portable molten fillers

●Piston Fillers

●Overflow fillers

●Net weigh fillers

They each hold a unique set of specifications and products they would best be suited for. For instance, net weight fillers are perfect for high-value products, like perfume or cologne, as they ensure the same amount in every bottle and prevent the risk of spillage and waste. Another example would be molten fillers, which are excellent for filling products like various lip balms.

Even if we step away from fillers for a moment, Oden Machinery can provide some other essential machines that can make your manufacturing process faster and more efficient, like conveyors, capping machines, and labelers.

In Conclusion

Any small manufacturers of products that need filling and packaging should consider investing in the machinery required to speed up the packaging and labeling their respective products.

It’s no different for anyone in the health and beauty industry, as those products need to be packaged and uniformly branded if you want them on shelves.

Suppose you have any uncertainties on the subject of what kind of machine would be best for the kind of product you’re making. In that case, Oden Machinery encourages you to reach out to the sales technical team, who will be able to guide you in the right direction, and recommend to you the machine you need.