What Industries Use Liquid Filling Machines?

Dec 7th 2021

Liquid filling machines are among the most widely used pieces of equipment. They fulfill all the businesses’ requirements for fast, error-free, and efficient packaging.

Several different machines belong to the liquid filling machinery. Because their use is highly versatile, many industries can benefit from investing in liquid filling machines.

To find out more about the impressive process of automatic liquid filling and what industries use liquid filling machines, make sure to keep reading this blog post.

The process of automatic liquid filling

Besides the actual liquid filling machines, many additional machines are used to complete the entire process of automatic liquid filling. Let’s go through the machines used and the basic steps of this process.

1. Bottle cleaner machine

Bottle cleaners are first in line, and they clean out the containers that will be filled with the liquid product. This way, dust, glass, and metal particles are effectively removed.

2. Conveyor machine

Conveyors are essential for any automatized process, as they move the product from one station to the next. After the containers get cleaned, conveyors move empty bottles to liquid filling stations until the process is completed.

3. Liquid filling machine

Liquid filling machines fill empty containers with the desired product. There are different liquid filling machines as they’re intended for different types of liquids. Some of the most popular ones are:

-Gravity fillers

-Pressure fillers

-Net weight fillers

-Pump fillers

-Overflow fillers

-Molten filling machines

-Portable molten fillers

4. Capping machine

Capping machines add caps, lids, or plugs to pre-filled containers quickly and accurately. Naturally, different capping machines exist that are designed for different types of containers.

5. Labeling machine

Finally, the process of liquid filling is finished by adding a label to every container. Labeling machines ensure each product gets perfectly aligned and the label glued.

What industries use liquid filling machines?

Because the liquid filling machines and other machines closely connected to this process are highly versatile, they can cater to just about any industry. Here are some industries that can benefit from liquid filling machinery use.

Food and beverage

Sanitation is the most crucial element in the food and beverage industry, so liquid filling machines are the best solution to keep the processes sanitized. Furthermore, the bottling equipment must work flawlessly to protect the contents from spoiling. Salad dressings, liquid dairy products, wine, juices, soft drinks, and numerous other foods and beverages fall into this category.


The cosmetics industry is probably the industry that relies on liquid filling machinery the most. Perfumes, shampoos, oils, lotions, nail polishes, and countless other personal care, hair, and beauty products must be placed into bottles.

Like with the food and beverage industry, sanitation is crucial in this process. Moreover, the high levels of toxic chemicals make it challenging for this process to be done in any other way.

Cleaning supplies

Companies belonging to the cleaning industry and creating cleaning and janitorial supplies often work with chemicals containing high levels of viscosity, acidity, or foaming. Liquid filling machines keep the filling processes of floor cleaning solutions, multipurpose cleaners, and laundry detergents safe and functional.

Industrial chemicals

The liquid filling equipment is also intended to bottle agricultural or industrial chemicals that require corrosion and foaming resistance.


Besides the industries mentioned above, many other companies benefit from liquid filling machines, including businesses that produce pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, paints and sealants, as well as petroleum and automotive liquids.

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