Liquid Fillers for Maple Syrup, April 2007

Jun 13th 2017

Liquid Fillers For Maple Syrup, Fruit Syrups, Toppings, Jams, Preserves, Molasses, Honey, Dressings, Salsas and More!

A Servo/Fill® liquid filler is ideal for filling maple syrup, as well as fruit syrups, toppings, jams, preserves, molasses, honey, dressings, salsas and sauces. Even food products that are extremely viscous and chunky can easily be filled with this machine. Servo/Fill® liquid fillers deliver accurate, drip-free filling for a range of fill sizes and a range of products as well.

With a benchtop Servo/Fill you can fill faster with less waste at speeds up to 5 gallons per minute. Operate the filler manually by footswitch or as a semi automatic filler. Start with a benchtop system and automate later as your product line expands or your output needs increase. Our Servo/Fill modular package will automate up to 4 benchtop fillers. Fully automatic in-line systems are also available.

Use our free product testing service and we will give you a written performance guarantee for each product tested. We take the risk out of buying a filler. Our guarantee incorporates speed, accuracy and no-drip machine performance. Call Dean Faso today to make arrangements for product testing, 716-874-3000 x1413, or contact him by email,

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