How Capping Equipment Fits Beverage Containers of Various Shapes and Sizes

Jun 14th 2017

All of the different container sizes and shapes we see and use in our everyday lives are entirely based on the needs of the products they hold. There is capping equipment that fits virtually any bottle and container size, from hourglass-shaped containers to cylinders.

These containers use caps of various shapes, materials and sizes to complement them, and packaging lines rely on certain types of cappers to provide a custom fit. Depending on the type of packaging line and the product undergoing the packaging process, different capping machines are required, including:

• Chuck cappers

• Spindle cappers

• Snap cappers

• Cap sorters

• Cap elevators

Capping to Meet Safety Requirements

Many beverage caps have an underlining seal cap that protects the product against tampering and helps to lock in the freshness. In fact, certain caps warn people not to use the product if the seal under the cap is torn or missing.

Manufacturing companies know how vital it is to prepare their products for consumer use, and do everything possible to make sure each bottle and container is sealed and packaged with optimum safety and quality in mind.

Capping equipment utilizes many types of caps to sufficiently seal products across a wide variety of industries, including beverages, health products, cosmetics, and food.

How Does Capping Equipment Work?

A bottle capping machine makes caps to fit different beverages. Wider caps are used to seal and package 46-64 ounce juice containers, ensuring that the contained juice does not spill. These caps snap and seal containers with the use of a special capper machine to do that specific kind of job.

Other capping equipment is used to carefully seal and package smaller beverage bottles, including water and soda bottles. These smaller tops are screwed and tightened as they go through the production process. Other types of caps are used for certain beverages as well, such as metal crimped caps for glass beer bottles.

Fast and Efficient Cappers

Whether for beverages or other products, chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers and other capping machines are designed to maintain efficiency in most types of production lines. Capping equipment is the fastest and most effective way for companies to seal their bottles and containers in preparation for distribution to the consumer market, as one of the final steps in liquid packaging.

Capping machines provide high-quality seals while helping operators maintain optimal productivity.