Free Testing Service = Zero Purchasing Risk

Jun 13th 2017

It doesn't take rocket science to understand why pre-purchase testing with product samples and containers makes sense. The performance of the liquid filler in a packaging line is crucial to line productivity. Wouldn't you like to know, in advance of installation, just how well the filler will perform? Or do you enjoy living on the edge?

Pre-purchase testing gives us the opportunity to learn your application in depth, and it allows us to hand you a written performance guarantee that your expectations will be met.

The process is simple:

  • You send us samples of your products and containers, along with your filling specifications.
  • We conduct filling tests according to your specs and provide you with the results.
  • If you send samples of one product, or twenty, the cost of testing is $0.00.
  • If the testing results for a product meet or exceed your filling specifications, you receive a written guarantee that incorporates speed, accuracy, and no-drip machine performance.
  • That's it. Zero purchase risk.

    Why live on the edge?Call today to make arrangements to get your products tested. Don't wait. Call Dean Faso now at 800-658-3622 x1413.

    Rocket Science, No. Win-Win Situation, Yes.