Liquid Filling Machines

Oden Machinery is a well known name in the industry that fulfills the needs of liquid filling machines in different industries. Our high-performance based filling machine equipment will complete your packaging line–They are fully tested, technologically advanced and easy to customize. We offer inline filling machines with functions from manual to fully automatic, as well as automatic bottle rinsers.

Filling machines can be used can be used to fill liquids of varying viscosities from materials as thick as lotions to water-thin liquids. Our various models fill precisely and are built to fit your exact needs. Whether you need a compact tabletop machine or an industrial solution, Oden Machinery offers a variety of options to help you integrate your new machine into your line perfectly.

Types of Liquid Filling Machines 

Since all liquids fill and flow differently, there are factors to keep in mind when choosing a filing system. The container that will be filled will also play a large role in the selection of your automatic filling or semi-automatic liquid filling machine. Oden Machinery is dedicated to finding a packing solution that suitably  fits your needs.

Here are our most popular Liquid Filling Machine models, and what applications they work best with:

Pump Filling Machines

Pump fillers are an excellent choice for facilities that fill liquids of varying viscosities. This filling machine fill everything from water-thin to high viscosity liquids. They’re also capable of filling bottles of different shapes and sizes. The quality of this solution is nearly unmatched, therefore preferred by the most of the industry experts.

In addition to that, you will figure out all the characteristics of technological advancements. These Pump filling machines are much easy to install, and they require simple changeover. Also, you can integrate them well with other systems without much hassle and unnecessary efforts.

Net Weigh Filling Machines

Net-weigh filling Machines offered by Oden Machinery are a great solution for large quantities of liquids. The major consideration that Oden Machinery never forgets is maintaining the quality standards, and following the trends of innovation. In manufacturing such weight machines,  we never compromise with the quality, and give full value to the concept of precision engineering while manufacturing and testing these machines. Our machines are capable of filling bulk amounts or high-value materials that need a precise measurement.

Really, these Net weight fillers are an economical solution for expensive or bulk products.

Gravity Pressure Filling Systems

Gravity pressure fillers utilize the forces of gravity to fill containers. These filling machines are great for water-thin and moderately viscous liquid. These versatile systems are suitable for a wide array of applications.

Applications of Gravity Fillers:

  • Versatile design
  • Capacity to fill 1/4 ounce up to 5 gallon containers
  • Robust construction
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction protect these machines for longer life.
  • HDPE, UHMW, and PVC also available for corrosive products
  • Microprocessor controls with program storage
  • Changeover is quick with the ability to store multiple programs in the PLC controller. Filling and container indexing settings are easily programmed and saved with our automatic setup mode, enabling changes to be made quickly and effortlessly
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Reduce downtime with simple changeover adjustment features
  • Customized per application
  • Construction materials, contact parts, number of fill heads and other
  • options are fitted to meet each specific application
  • Flexible
  • Modularity and simplicity are intrinsic to the design. Versatile machine
  • options and a wide range of programmability make this filler flexible

Molten Fillers

Molten fillers can fill products of a thicker viscosity that are filled in a liquid state but then hardened when cooled. These products are usually things like candles, shoe polish, lip balm, and more. With adjustable fill heads, this system is fit to fill for a variety of products and containers. Offering controlled bottle movement and fill control, the filler is an excellent fit for facilities filling molten products. 

Piston Filling Machine

Piston fillers offer multifaceted solutions. With a dedicated air cylinder and a high-quality volumetric system, these fillers are capable of filing everything from water-thin, foamy products to thick, coarse products. 

Piston fillers are some of the most straightforward and useful filling machines to have in your packaging line. They’re reliable, flexible, easy to install, and even comfortable to use. These machines will revolutionize your factory and simplify some of your primary processes.


Benefits of Using Oden's Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid filling is a precise process that needs the best machinery to avoid mismanages. Oden Machinery has been an expert industry name in the field of liquid filling machinery. Here you will get equipment with assured quality, with a complete testing facility. The versatility of Oden's Liquid filling machines equipment is proved due to its ability to fill precisely, and capability to match with multiple products and containers.

Some features our partners have benefited from are: 

  • Systems equipped with 1-20+ head inline fillers 

  • Easy installation 

  • Quick changeover 

  • Different sizes and functions from manual tabletop to industrial fully automatic

  • Custom builds 

  • Long shelf life

  • Minimal cleaning, maintenance, and downtime 


Oden Machinery’s filling machine equipment carries a wide range of applications. Our systems are used to fill products from food and beverage to cosmetics. Here are a few industries we currently serve: 

  • Food & Sauces

  • Acids & Corrosive

  • Beverage & Juice

  • Candles, Lip Balms & Molten

  • Chemical Bottling

  • Sanitizers & Soaps

  • Distilled Spirits & Wine

  • Janitorial & Cleaning

  • Paints, Stains & Sealant

  • Personal Care, Health & Beauty

  • Petroleum & Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

  • Filling Machines for Dairy Products

Oden Machinery is your trusted partner for all automatic or semi-automatic liquid filling machinery, or bottle capping machine needs. Our systems are designed to lessen the complexity and reduce an unnecessary burden on your packaging line. We have the best options capable of filling products from water-thin to the highest viscosity. Our solutions are sure to fit your needs with easy changeover, low maintenance, and custom builds.

Find your ideal liquid filling machine system today with Oden Machinery! And to learn more information about buying filling equipment, check out this article on ProSource 

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