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Oden Machinery manufactures a diverse selection of product packaging and bottling machines for a variety of industries. Our inventory includes liquid fillers, molten systems, bottle cappers, labelers, conveyors and other equipment as part of your comprehensive packaging line. A seamless packaging process relies on quality systems that run with precision and efficient performance while reducing assembly down time. See our quality machines at work.

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Pro/Fill1000 Automatic Videos

 Grav/Tronic Micro/Dose Videos

2 head Benchtop Automation Pkg videos

Oden 2 Head Servo/Fill Modular Automatic Pump Filler for Honey

Oden 3 Head Servo/Fill Modular Automatic Liquid Filler

Oden Servo/Fill 5 Head Automatic Pump Filler

Oden Servo/Fill Automatic Filler-Hair Gel

Oden Pro/Fill 3000 Automatic Liquid Filler-Honey Cylinders

Oden Pro/Fill 3000 Pump Filler for Filling Honey Bears

Oden Pro/Fill 3000 Fully Automatic Liquid Filler

  Oden Pro/Matic "Step & Repeat" Automatic Liquid Pump Filler

Oden Machinery Pro/Matic Pump Filler Black Acrylic Paint 1 Gallon

Crandall International by Oden Liquid Pail Filler and Pro/Close Semi-Automatic Closer

2 head Crandall International by Oden pail filler with auto lid placer and roller closer

Crandall International by Oden NET/WEIGH Semi-Auto Pail Filler for Pie Filling

Crandall International by Oden Net Weight Automatic Scale Filler

Crandall International by Oden Mega/Fill Tote & Drum Liquid Filler

Oden 4 Head Net/Mass Coriolis Automatic Liquid Filler for filling Chemical Solvents