Cooling Conveyors

Oden’s cooling conveyors are used for bottling products which require a machine to fill the product in a molten state such as candles, lip balms, solid deodorants, shoe polish, etc. They are engineered to transport containers slowly and smoothly during the filling and cooling process. This slow smooth process allows an even cosmetic fill with no spillage. The widths and lengths of our cooling conveyors are customizable based on the products and containers of your specific application. Cooling fans and fan brackets can also be mounted under the conveyor belt when additional cooling is desired.

Standard Conveyors

Oden variable speed conveyors are designed around your bottling machine requirements allowing for optimized production efficiency by engineering a conveyor to fit your most complex requirements. They are available in configurations utilizing a variety of lengths, widths, materials, types, and shapes (L, S, and U).  Oden variable speed conveyors feature a modular design which allows the integration of conveyors or extensions into the equipment you currently have in place.