Clean Gear Pumps

CleanGear® sanitary gear pumps are designed to provide low cost, high performance metering of sanitary and non-sanitary products wherever compatibility, repeatability, and durability are required.

These sanitary gear pumps feature a patented stainless steel COP design that requires no tools for disassembly and cleaning and provides up to 6 GPM flow rates with a wide range of viscosities, pressures and temperatures. Bearing material choices allow for excellent chemical compatibility and durability.


Fluid contact parts are: 316L stainless steel pump body and ports; 17-4 PH hardened stainless steel gears; Teflon®, Ertalyte®, or PEEK® bearings

Provides excellent chemical compatibility and durability for maximum pump life
Requires no tools for removal, inspection and cleaning Simple, fast teardown
Clean-out-of-place (C.O.P.) design Complete, thorough cleaning is quickly accomplished
Easy change gear size options: 6.0 GPM (22 L/min), 3.0 GPM (11 L/min Quick and easy gear size changes provide accurate flow and dosing capability across two flow ranges, all in one pump
Pump ports are easily rotated; placement can be vertical or horizontal; pump rotation is reversible Allows easy installation into new or existing processes
Viscosities exceeding 100,000 cps, with maximum pressure of 150 psi (11 Bar), and temperature range from -20°F to 350°F(-29°C to 177°C) Pump is capable of handling a wide range of product viscosities, pressures and temperatures
Low speed rotation Increases durability and service life
Oversized stainless steel shafts Provides for maximum pressures of up to 150 psi (11 Bar)
Tungsten Carbide coated drive shaft Provides maximum seal and shaft life
Single o-ring shaft seal Provides simple low cost sealing