ODEN Servo/Fill® Automatic

ODEN Servo/Fill® Automatic

ODEN Servo/Fill® Automatic


Applications include free flowing to very viscous products; accommodates wide range of container shapes in volumes from 1/3 oz. to 5 gallons; flow rates to 6.0 GPM with accuracies up to ±0.5% dependent upon dose size and type of product.


  • provides Oden's famous high quality at a new low price
  • easy stored recipe driven set-ups for 50 products
  • meets 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • fast clean-up and changeover
  • fills a wide range of products
  • fills a wide range of containers
  • volume adjustment is on-the-fly
  • provides superb accuracy



  • state-of-the-art PLC based electronics and graphic color touch screen controls
  • three sizes of Oden designed CleanGear® sanitary gear pumps to choose from, 1.5 - 6.0 GPM
  • tool-less pump disassembly
  • tool-less pump mounting and removal
  • machine base frame fabricated from sanitary welded 2" x 2" square 304 stainless steel tube. It supports the stainless steel NEMA 4 pump drive/PLC enclosure, the diving nozzle system, conveyor, indexing hardware and system operator interface. The machine base frame is mounted on casters for movement and stainless steel leveling feet for final placement
  • bottom-up filling system features no-tool set-up, 14" adjustable dive distance and nozzle kickout safety system. Permanently attached reference scales for easy, repeatable set-up
  • sanitary (solid top, 1-1/2" raised chain bed) stainless steel conveyor 10' long with 4-1/2" Delrin chain and variable speed DC motor drive. Includes four stainless steel guide rails with no-tool adjustment hardware
  • accuracies of ± 0.5% or better dependent upon dose size and product
  • minimum fill 1/3 ounce
  • maximum fill 5 gallons



  • built-in expansion capability
  • standard and customized fill area safety enclosures
  • NET/MASS® net weight filling capability. By addition of Coriolis net mass flow meters, system can be operated in a net weight mode
  • explosion-proof (hazardous location) construction to Class 1, Division 1, Group D standards using the X-purge method
  • stainless steel product reservoirs from 2 gallon to 58 gallon capacity
  • air pulse assisted product cut-off system
  • vacuum aspiration for no-drip subsurface filling
  • PLC controlled semi-automatic and fully automatic clean-in-place systems
  • servo controlled timing screw system for difficult containers such as soft ovals
  • stainless steel sanitary conveyors in any length and in widths up to 12'
  • turntables and line integration services


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